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Day 1: Huaraz - Llanganuco - Portachuelo pass - Vaqueria - Paria

At indicated time after the breakfast, pick up with a van in the hotel and depart for Vaqueria 3700mm on the way we visit many towns located in the Callejon de Huaylas, below the Cordillera Blanca, towns like Tarica, Carhuaz, Mancos and Yungay, from this last town, we take a dirty road to the East side and after of 2.5 hours we get to Llanganuco lakes, where we see the Orqoncocha and Chinancocha (for English: male and female lakes respectively); we make a short stop in this place to take the photos;then we continue to Portachuelo of Llanganuco pass 4767m / 15640 ft, from this viewpoint we have nice views of most principal peaks of the Cordillera Blanca, mounts such as Chopicalqui, Huascaran, Huandoy, Pisco, Chacraraju, among others; then we go down and after of 2 hours more we get in Vaqueria where we meet with the Horsemen and his pack animal.After to have carried all the lagguage in the pack animals; this first day we address to Paria 3800m / 12467 ft, for a footpath between brushes we continue through Huaripampa valley and get after of 4 hours.

Day 2: Paria - Tuctu

At indicated time, after the breakfast we depart for Tuctu 4200 m / 13780 ft. we get to this campsite after of 2.5 hours. After to get to the campsite, we walk up to Punta Union 4750 m / 15584 ft, this in an interesting viewpoint from where we can see the Santa Cruz valley and peaks such as: Taulliraju, Rinrihirka, Paria, Etc.The visit to this viewpoint takes around 4 hours (round trip).

Day 3: Tuctu - Alto Pukahirka pass - Huecrococha lake

This day, we depart at indicated time as the previous days, we depart for Alto Pukahirka pass 4725m / 15502 ft, place where we get after of 4hours approximately, from this pass we have nice views of Pukahirka, Taulliraju, Chacraraju, Paria and others more mounts; after to have made a rest, taken the photos we go down for 3 hours more to Huecrococha lake 3950 m / 12959 ft, where we will set up our tents.

Day 4: Huecrococha - Tupa Tupa pass - Jankapampa

After the breakfast we depart for Tupa tupa pass 4400 m / 14436 ft, taking the footpath that goes on the left side of the lake, we get to the pass after of 3.5 hours approximately, then we go down to get to Jancapampa valley, our campsite will be located at 3700 m / 12139 ft, in the valley header below the Pucahirka peaks.

Day 5: Jankapampa - Yanajanka pass - Willka

This day we depart for Yanajanca pass, where we get after of 3.5 hours, from this pass we have splendid views of Pucahirka mount and Jancapampa valley; after to have made a break and have taken the pictures we go down for 3 hours more to get to Jankapampa where we will spend the night.

Day 6: Willka - Mesapata pass - Kara Kara pass - Jancarurish

After the breakfast, we start walking up to Mesapata pass 4600 m, then we go down to go up again to Kara Kara 4830 m , one of the highest passes of this circuit; from this pass we have nice views of Alpamayo, Santa Cruz and Quitaraju mounts; we get to this pass after of 5.5 hours approximately.After to have take the photos we go down to Jancarurish 4200m, where we get after of 1.5 hours more, and place where will set up our tent.

Day 7: Jancarurish, day off

Day off, for those people who want to see closer the Alpamayo mountain, we depart for the route that takes us to the ancient Alpamayo base camp (Jancarurish), we climb up for a very steep moraine terrain even in the last part we must to climb short sections of rocks to get to the viewpoint, from this point we can see all the beauty of Alpamayo, considered as "The most beautiful mountain in world", in Munich in 1974, we get there after of 4 hours. After to have taken the photos and a rest we return for the same way, to our campsite where we have lunch.

Day 8: Jancarurish - Ventuna pass - Osoruri

At indicated time, we depart for Ventuna pass 4770m / 15650 ft, we get there around 4 hours, from this point we see Milhuacocha and Pilanco mountains and part ofCedros and Alpamayo valleys. After of the stop we walk down for 2 hours to get to Osoruri campsite 4500m / 14763 ft.

Day 9: Osoruri - Llampapashillun 4850m - Wishkash 4350m

After the breakfast we depart for Llampapashillum pass 4850 m / 15912 ft, where we get around 4 hours, then we go down to Cullicocha lake a nice lake located below Santa Cruz mountain, after to make a break and taken the photos, we go down for 2.5 more to Wishkash 4350 m / 14272 ft, place where we will set up out last campsite.

Day 10: Wishkash - Huaylcayan 3250m - Huaraz

Last trekking day, at indicated time as the previous days, this day we go down for a zig zag path to Hualcayan 3250m where we get after of 4.5 hours approximately. In Hualcayan wait for us a van that will take us back to Huaraz, where we arrive after of 4 hours more.

What is included

  • Transport: From Huaraz to the starting point of your activity, and from the finishing point of your activity back to Huaraz. We use prived transport, minivans, and other types of cars, depending on the size of the group.
  • Guide: Qualified and experienced mountain guide who speaks Spanish and basic English.
  • Cook: A professional cook who is trained to prepare healthy dishes in a hygienic manner.
  • Donkey driver: Is in charge of loading the donkeys, looking after them and guiding them.
  • Donkeys: The number of donkeys provided depends on the size of the group. You are allowed to bring up to 4 kg of personal belongings that will be loaded on the donkeys. You will only carry your daypack during the day.
  • Food: Breakfast, packed lunch and dinner.
  • Equipment: Good quality high mountain tent, sleeping mattress, basic sleeping bag -2°, dining tent, table and chairs, toilet tent, first aid kit, cooking stove, dishes and cooking utensils.
  • Entrances fee: for the national park.

What is not included

First breakfast, last dinner, soft drinks or alcoholic beverages, medical treatment, travel insurance, tips, additional expenses as a result of leaving the trek early, additional expenses as a result of an emergency rescue or evacuation, bottled water (you drink water from the river).

What to bring
  • Bag to load on the donkeys with your personal belongings (plastic bag with zipper or garbage bag)
  • Small daypack
  • Sleeping bag if available
  • Walking sticks if you have knee problems
  • Head torch (with spare batteries)
  • Sun protection: sunscreen (factor 40 minimum), hat, sunglasses
  • Well-worn in hiking boots or trekking shoes
  • Comfortable clothes: t-shirts (quick dry or merino wool recommended), trekking trousers or leggings, sweater, woolen trekking socks, underwear, long thermal underwear, fleece, gloves, hat
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers / or rain poncho
  • Water bottle and water purification pills
  • Toilet paper, personal toiletries, small towel
  • Extra snacks and money
  • Missing something? We can provide you with everything you need for a great days expeditions, Please check each trip for detailed pricing information or contact us for a customized trip and you can fully enjoy!!

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